Too much is not enough (350 and counting)

Years ago, when I visited the Big Apple for the first time, this slogan caught my eye. It was painted on the side of a skyscraper downtown Manhattan. Unbridled consumption and continuous growth simply can no longer be sustained by us on our Beautiful planet. It’s time we realize that and change our behavior and […]

Seepje beating Samsung and Apple in smart design and use of materials

Circularity starts with designing products smart and choosing the right materials. Doing the laundry showed me last week that a beautiful Dutch start-up Seepje wins hands-down from Korea electronics giant Samsung. But also Apple can improve (a lot). How so….? While shopping I noticed a new washing liquid from Seepje in our supermarket. The packaging […]

Plastic polarization – really the best way forward…..?

Last week saw a lot of media attention on plastic. Key industry players announced the CEFLEX initiative to invest a lot of money into finding solutions. “The CEFLEX Mission is to further enhance the performance of flexible packaging in the circular economy by designing and advancing better system solutions identified through the collaboration of companies […]

The Circular Economy made simple

This week marks a special week in The Netherlands, where the government, industry, science and society at large organize a lot of events to stimulate the transition to a circular economy. But what is a circular economy exactly…now that I have started Kiduara several friends abroad asked me this simple question. In its simplest form […]

Some Thinking + Some Coffee = Great Ideas

1.4 billion cups a day OK, let me guess, you started the day with a good old cup of coffee this morning? According to the International Coffee Organization together we drink no less than 1.4 billion cups of coffee every day. A lot of these are drunk out of paper cups with a plastic coating, […]

Earth Rise @ 50

Our beautiful planet 50 years ago humankind saw for the very first time a truly new perspective on our beautiful planet. A great article in The Guardian describes how “When Bill Anders took this photograph from the Apollo spacecraft on Christmas Eve in 1968, our relationship with the world changed forever”. As many others I […]