Too much is not enough (350 and counting)

Years ago, when I visited the Big Apple for the first time, this slogan caught my eye. It was painted on the side of a skyscraper downtown Manhattan.
Unbridled consumption and continuous growth simply can no longer be sustained by us on our Beautiful planet. It’s time we realize that and change our behavior and goals in life and in business. Unless you consider living at Mars of course :).

But sometimes too much is indeed not enough….. only with combined forces can we make a real change and address some of the major issues we face as humanity.

To not only be an observer but to roll up my sleeves and get into action I am proud to share that Kiduara has joined over 350 companies in the world to sign the pledge of the New Plastics Economy, an initiative of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Kiduara promises to have at least 75 % of invoiced work dedicated to help small and medium sized enterprises make the transition to become circular.

Are you joining as well?

Kiduara proud to be one of them