How we do it

Advizing small and medium sized companies

The market is changing. The governments set new rules for circularity. Consumers demand products that don’t cause waste. NGO’s are becoming even more vocal.

You are inspired and want to take action but where do you start… let us help you make the first steps towards closing the loop in your company.

Support circular economy start-ups

You have the best idea ever, and you are sure it’s going to save the world. But you need funding, you need technical breakthroughs, and above all you need a team…

Where to start … let us help you make the first steps towards building a successful business out of our start-up.

Circular economy technology licensing

The development has been successful, you have a prototype, you filed for a patent, and now you want to roll it out as fast as possible…. But competition likes your idea as well and they are better funded and street smart

What to do … let us help you make a comprehensive licensing strategy and establish the first licenses to kick start the next phase in your venture.

Connect solutions globally

Your idea is great, the technology works … time to go global and spread your wings…. Add markets and competences to your business?

How to start… let us connect you globally with corporates, entrepreneurs and governments so you can grow fast.