Hi we’re Kiduara

Kiduara is a Swahili word meaning ‘small circles

It stands for the power of ….

  • keeping materials in small loops throughout their entire life-cycle
  • small teams of like-minded people to speed up change in the world
  • small and medium sized businesses as engine for change and growth
  • small initiatives that inspire bigger thinking at global level

What is a good project to work on with Kiduara?

  • Do we share a passion for circularity and like to work together?
  • Is the project about circular use of materials and products?
  • Is Kiduara support improving the chance of your success?
  • Does the project have possible global impact?
  • Is there a realistic business case?

Josse Kunst

From early on I have been passionate to understand how things work, how they are manufactured and what materials are used in the process. Another passion is to understand the world around us and how people around the world approach ideas and opportunities in different ways, and how you can connect on the basis of what inspires you. Over the last 25 years career I have been able to build on both passions in a wide array of roles, companies, industries and geographies. It is this experience and passion that now is the driving force of Kiduara.