Plastic polarization – really the best way forward…..?

Last week saw a lot of media attention on plastic. Key industry players announced the CEFLEX initiative to invest a lot of money into finding solutions. “The CEFLEX Mission is to further enhance the performance of flexible packaging in the circular economy by designing and advancing better system solutions identified through the collaboration of companies representing the entire value chain.

Key NGOs like BreakFreeFromPlastics responded in kind by attacking the industry for trying to defend single use plastic and not facing up to the real solution. “The plastics empire has struck back with an initiative that seeks to justify and further entrench the continued production of fossil-fuel based plastics for years to come.” – Von Hernandez, #breakfreefromplastic Global Coordinator.

If we don’t take care, we create a polarization similar to the current political scene in the US, with both camps focused on their point of view and not on finding solutions. The opportunity we face to create a new way to use materials is simply too important to get stuck in a polarized world view. We need the contribution of all key players in society to move to the next stage….


Investors            spend your money wise and make it possible for breakthrough start-ups to flourish

Industry             take responsibility for your products and leverage your know-how and influence to support a level playing field for new solutions

NGOs                  continue to stay focused on the problem and expose companies that need to get their act together

Media                 Tell the true story and facts and educate the people. Expose fake news!

Science               Be creative and innovate for solutions that help us use materials over and over again

And most importantly, for you and me …. vote with your feet, buy products that are circular, walk away from polluting products, recycle your waste properly, and ask your retailers for a real change!

At Kiduara we believe that bringing people, science and business together to focus on such breakthrough solutions is the way forward!