What we do

Molecular Recycling

Some types of polymers are made in a reversible way, so it’s relatively easy to break the molecular chain down, purify the molecules and build them back up to a new polymer with virgin qualities. Kiduara is actively involved in such molecular recycling for polyester, polyamide-6 and polylactic acid.

Biobased materials

It has taken millions of years to turn organic material into oil. We make plastics out of the oil and in no time it ends up as landfill or is incinerated to become CO2. We can break this cycle by looking at using renewable, compostable and recyclable materials based on fast growing organic material to make top quality materials and products.

Connect with impact

The Netherlands has a thriving circular economy hotspot. To make impact on a global scale we need to connect to learn from each other, share experiences and best practices and bring solutions to the spots on this planet where we can make most progress. At Kiduara we have a passion for connecting Europe with Africa and Asia Pacific.

Chemical recycling of polyester

Globally about 350 billion kilograms of plastic are produced every year. Only a fraction gets recycled in such a way that full reuse of the materials is possible. Polyester is one of the few types of plastic that holds the promise that it can be processed after it’s back into origional quality. Kiduara works with leading companies to develop revolutionary technology to close this loop.